Understanding the Luxury Accessories Business

Handbags, Belts, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Shoes, Eyewear, Pens.

Extending a great brand through luxury accessories creates both opportunities and challenges.

Whether a company is looking to develop new products, increase market penetration of existing products or find new channels or areas of distribution, VALKO CONSULTING LLC can help a company focus its efforts to obtain results quickly and efficiently.

In this highly profitable arena, EXPERT OUTSIDE advice provides a sounding board and creates time saving efficiencies that a company needs to exploit a competitive advantage.

With over 25 years of international experience in marketing luxury brands, VALKO CONSULTING LLC can offer this help with competence, confidence, and confidentiality.

VALKO CONSULTING: The Help You Need to Succeed

A successful entry into the very competitive accessory market means many decisions must be made quickly and correctly:

... finding the right markets with the most potential, deciding on the best approach to those markets, defining the product lines that offer the most immediate and also the most long term opportunities, deciding on the design and sourcing of those products, understanding the pricing and profit parameters...

With these decisions resolved, more questions come up:

Who are the right partners, lawyers, search firms, real estate brokers, and communications firms? What are the logistic requirements? What type of business entity works best? Is an acquisition the right way to go?

It takes decades of experience to deliver smart answers to these and dozens of related questions that a company faces in a luxury accessory venture.

VALKO CONSULTING was formed to deliver this specific, specialized assistance.

VALKO CONSULTING not only has the experience, but works with its own comprehensive network of proven-reliable business partners, in key markets throughout the world.

We are completely customer-focused; your success in our sole ambition and goal. The help we offer is truly unique.

We Look Forward to Helping You

At VALKO CONSULTING we accept assignments when we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to our clients.

We limit our assignments to clients who make full use of our unique experience and expertise in luxury accessories.

The confidentiality of your information is absolutely assured.

We welcome your inquiry, and look forward to seeing how we can make your venture more successful.